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Top 2013 Recruit Gordon Narrows List



Last Thursday Washington, Arizona, and Kentucky heard great news. They found out that top recruit Aaron Gordon has narrowed his list to three schools and their school remains among the top.

Gordon hasn’t made any other official announcements since November 11 on Twitter.

“UOregeon, Uwashington, Ukansas, Uarizona, Ukentucky…this is gunna be tough,” says Gordon on Twitter.

Recently, his mother confirmed that Gordon has chosen Arizona, Washington, and Kentucky.

“Aaron has narrowed his list to Arizona, Washington, and Kentucky in no particular order,” says Shelly Gordon, Aaron Gordon’s mother.

The 6’7, 210 lbs California star dropped Oregon, California and Kansas from his list.

Although Gordon dropped a lot of big name schools, many believed Arizona and Washington were the frontrunners. Some were surprised to see Kentucky making the list, but others weren’t with Kentucky coming off a NCAA championship last year and their best player going No. 1 in the NBA draft.

Analyzing Gordon’s situation with each team, his best chance for success is Kentucky.

The Arizona Wildcats are already big and talented in their front court with Grant Jerrettt, Kaleb Tarczewski, Brandon Ashley or Angelo Chol.

Washington does need to revamp their roster, but I believe they’re probably ranked third on Gordon’s list. The reason why I believe this is because Washington’s basketball program hasn’t had the success that Arizona and Kentucky have had. I feel that will play a big role in Gordon’s decision.

Kentucky is Kentucky. Nerlens Noel is most likely going to put his name in the NBA draft, and if he does, Gordon would be greatly needed. Although Kentucky is already talented, Gordon’s talent would definitely make them one of the favorites to winning the NCAA championship again.