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Vonn Bell’s Top Three School Choices Heading Down Different Paths

One of the top safeties in the nation Vonn Bell recently narrowed down his recruiting choices to three schools: the Tennessee Volunteers, Alabama Crimson Tideand Ohio State BuckeyesAll three schools at this time are still very much in the running and it’s Bell who holds the keys to the car.

With the Volunteer’s firing Derek Dooley recently, it poses a very important question. Does the firing of Dooley make a decision for Bell any easier? Obviously I cannot answer for him, but I’m sure Bell would like to know who the Volunteer’s plan on bringing in. Now getting rid of a coach that has the worst winning percentage in school history (.417) in the three years he was with the Vols does help to a certain degree. Bell could be the type of recruit who could just very well start to turn the football program around.

On the other hand, does Bell want to go to a program who will be going through a major overhaul? A lot of questions will be answered once the Vols do announce who their next head coach will be. Bringing in a high profile name could very well indeed sway Bell that way.

With the Crimson Tide and Buckeyes though, Bell would be looking at two teams that are already very well established and (for the most part) on solid ground. Yes the Buckeyes are going through their probation and what not for the time being, but the bowl ban will be lifted next season and the way head coach Urban Meyer has the Buckeyes playing this season, there is no doubt the team will be playing in a major bowl.

The Crimson Tide is rich with tradition and head coach Nick Saban shows no signs of slowing down. Year in and year out the Crimson Tide are at or near the top of not only the SEC but the nation as well. Not to mention Saban has his program always in the top 10 of recruiting. Oh and by the way the Tide have won two of the last three BCS national championships. Just adding more food for thought.

Bell has a very interesting decision ahead of him. Does he want to be apart of a rebuilding process with the Volunteers and start to turn that program around? Or does he want to choose one of the two other school’s, both of which are prominent programs and will be contending for championships.