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Top Basketball Recruit Tyus Jones Trims College List to 8


Tyus Jones had a chance to talk to a lot of top college coaches last week, and therefore had a chance to trim his list down. We’ve written here previously that Jones and Kahlil Okafor both may want to end up at the same school. As the signing period started last week, we will get a better sense of whether the Okafor-Jones combo will be one that we see in college as well. Jones writes a blog on, and revealed his top eight schools last week.

“Some of you may have heard that I cut my list down to eight schools.” Jones wrote. “Right now I’m looking at Baylor, Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Kansas and Kentucky.”

Jones won’t narrow his list down again very soon, but he can envision himself playing with any of the eight schools.

“I think it just got to a point where I just felt like these were the eight schools that had been on me the hardest and these were the schools where I could really envision myself playing. I don’t think I’ll be cutting anything else any time soon.”

Jones is also excited for some of his mom’s Thanksgiving cooking today.

“Of course this week is Thanksgiving and I’m excited about that, but I won’t be cooking.” Jones wrote. “I’m definitely just an eater on Thanksgiving. I love eating sweet potatoes so I’m looking forward to those the most.”

Jones can rest with a full stomach today knowing that he has some great college programs on his list. We all look forward to seeing Jones’ list trimmed again, but for now we can all speculate as to where he will end up. I’m still crossing my fingers that he and Okafor end up at the same school (North Carolina or Michigan State anyone?), but Jones will be an exciting player to watch no matter where he ends up.