Class of 2015 recruit changes last name to honor Mom

Andy Schmidt


Last week, Tre’Shaun Lexing legally changed his last name to Fletcher to honor his mother, Bobby Fletcher, for putting him in a position to earn a scholarship to Colorado.

Lexing got his first last name from his half brother’s father.

Many years ago, Bobby moved her children from Arkansas to Washington. She believed it would be the best way to keep them on the right path and she was right. Tre’Shaun instantly became one of the best players in Washington, earning scholarships from schools such as: Oregon, Colorado, Arizona State, Gonzaga and Washington State.

Last season with Lincoln high school, Lexing averaged 18 points and 11 rebounds.

“I’d probably have a kid by now…Because all my friends that I talk to still, have kids. I’d probably have a kid or probably be in jail. So I love her for that. I appreciate her for that,” says Lexing.

Lexing signed with the Colorado Buffs during a ceremony in November.

I personally think Lexing did a great thing in changing his last name in honor of his mother. Many star athletes nowadays forget where they came from and Lexing has not. More high school athletes should learn from Lexing and honor their parents more.

I’m particularly impressed because Lexing is still a young high school student. Most high school stars are usually worried about their stats and fame, but not Lexing. To see a youngster set an example for other high school athletes is great for sports.

I’m hoping Lexing’s success transitions to Colorado and his attitude stays the same.

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