High School Players say they could Top 138 points

By Eric Domingo

Most are aware of Jack Taylor’s 138 points last Tuesday night, but if given 108 attempts, could another athlete score the same? Many high school stars believe they can.

Athletes like Julius Randle, Xavier Rathan-Mayes, Matt Jones, Kameron Chatman and Brannen Greene believe they could definitely score 138 points given 108 attempts and possibly more.

Randle, the No. 3 ranked player in the Class of 2013, believes he can score more then 200 points.

“Definitely 200-plus because I shoot a high percentage and get fouled. I’d get a lot of points from the line too,” says Randle.

Jones, Duke commit, believes he would also score 200 points, given 108 attempts.

“Definitely 200 points. No lie because most of my shots would be threes. I think I’m pretty good at taking threes,” says Jones.

Rathan-Mayes, Florida State commit, believes he would of beat Taylor’s 138 points.

“Probably 160 or somewhere around there. Just depends on how hot I am,” says Rathan-Mayes.

Greene, Kansas commit, also believes he would beat Taylor’s 138 points.

“About 180! Obviously I’d be super hot if I had the nerve to take that many shots,” says Greene.

Chatman, top recruit in Class of 2014, believes he would get around Taylor’s 138 points.

“About 140 or so. I don’t know, it’s hard to imagine taking 108 shots in a game,” says Chatman.

I’m definitely impressed with Taylor’s 138 points, but I think given 108 attempts anyone could score that many points. Personally, I’m wondering how the other team could allow him to take that many attempts? I believe at some point the other coach should have doubled or even tripled teamed him.


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