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Before Jack Taylor’s 138 points, there was Danny Heater’s 135 points


Many basketball fans are aware of Jack Taylor’s 138 points, but some forgot about Danny Heater’s 135 points in 1960.

On January 26, 1960 the Burnsville guard scored 135 points in a 173-49 win over Widen high school. Jack Stalnaker, head coach of Burnsville in 1960, hoped to attract college scouts to Burnsville and he thought setting a scoring record would do it.

In the last 10 minutes of the game, Heater had the West Virginia state record. Heater’s teammates supported him in breaking the record and before Heater knew it, he passed the previous record holder Dick Bogenrife’s 120 points in 1953.

Although Heater didn’t have the three point shot in 1960, he did shoot 53-70 from the field and 29-41 from the free throw line.

“It was like a dream…A lot of people have joked that the other team must not have shown up or had to be midgets. But they weren’t really that bad,” says Heater.

Burnsville was such a small school that it didn’t have seats for the fans. It was so small that the court barely fit in the gymnasium. The Burnsville court was a puny 37 feet-by-77 feet.

Although the gymnasium didn’t have enough room for fans, Coach Stalnaker got his wish and West Virginia eventually scouted the team. Sadly the scout didn’t think Heater was Mountaineer material and Heater never got to play college ball.

“Danny deserved to play at a major college…But without a scholarship, there was no way he could afford school,” says Stalnaker.

The last person to score 100+ points in high school was Tigran Grigorian of Pico Rivera Mesrobian in California. Grigorian scored 100 points in 2003.