BYU excited for Jabari Parker’s visit


What would you do to get one of the best high school players to play for your school? Two crazy BYU fans printed 6,300 T-shirts to be handed out before the Cougars’ game Saturday with a message for Jabari Parker.

Tony Brown and Greg Welch created shirts that said, ‘Chicago to Provo” with images of Chicago’s skyline and Pro’s Mount Timpanogos. Through and more than 200 donations, Welch and Brown were able to purchase the T-shirts,

The No. 2 ranked recruit in the Class of 2013, arrived at BYU for his official visit on Friday and is expected to attend the Cougars and Cal State Northridge game on Saturday.

According to Parker, he is considering Duke, Michigan State, Florida, and Stanford. He is believed to make his decision between December and January.

“I have a Twitter account, a few blogs like any crazy fan has these days, and the community I’m involved with thought, ‘What can we do to roll out the red carpet for him?’“ says Welch.

Welch and Brown definitely brought excitement to BYU, who hasn’t had much excitement since Sacramento King’s player Jimmer Fredette played for them a couple years ago.

“Our goal is for there to be electricity in the building and Saturday night is a special environment,” says Welch.

The two die hard fans never expected to receive so many donations to make 6,000-plys T-shirts. They actually thought it would receive a lot less. Welch wouldn’t state how much contribution they received, but said it was “several” thousand dollars.

“I thought we would have a hundred of the shirts…The way the Internet and social media works these days, if something catches fire, you don’t know where it’s going,” says Welch.

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