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Alabama Commit Derrick Henry Eats Snickers Bar Before Every Football Game

US PRESSWIRE- John David Mercer

Superstition has always played a part in sports. Baseball comes to mind as the most superstitious with rally caps and a lot of pitchers having odd gameday superstitions.

Superstitions exist in all sports however, and Yulee High School star running back and Alabama Crimson Tide commit Derrick Henry has one of his own and one thing is for sure, it has worked well for him so far this year. His superstition? A pre-game Snickers bar.

“I must have a Snickers before every game. I just don’t feel like I can do it if I haven’t had my Snickers, seriously,” said Henry. “I run through pregame warm-ups and then I have to eat it. That’s just my ritual. It has to be done.”

When asked why he eats the chocolate snack Henry claims that it just gives him that extra burst.

“I think it’s a comfort thing for me, but I also think that it gives me an extra energy boost. I’m telling you, eating that Snickers, it does something for me. I’ve gotta have it.”

One could argue against the health effects of a Snickers bar right before the game, but you can’t argue with Henry’ stats this year. He has rushed for 2,567 yards on 8.3 yards per carry this year on the way to setting the national career rushing record.

He has also led his team to the semi-finals of Florida Boys State Class 4A Football Playoffs; if they win their Friday matchup with Bolles High School, then they will get a chance to play in the state title game on December 8th.