Coaching Changes Caused Jabari Parker to Take DePaul and Illinois Off His List

By Dave Daniels

Star forward Jabari Parker dropped some serious nuggets today on the “The Waddle & Silvy Show”. He revealed he will not attend a Mormon mission next year, had some thoughts on Derrick Rose, and even called out DePaul and Illinois for not handling his recruiting well.

“I think (high school players are leaving Chicago) because people have dreams and they don’t want them to be crushed by a little thing in college,” Parker said. “Unfortunately, we as basketball players in Chicago leave and go and attend other universities.”

Crushed is a bit intense, but Parker mainly took the Illinois-area schools off his list because they underwent coaching changes and so the new coaches were not as familiar with Parker.

“Like I said, DePaul, I put them on my list, and I was considering Illinois. The reason I took Illinois off was because I didn’t know John Groce and his staff. DePaul, I really had a good relationship with Jerry Wainwright before he resigned. Getting a new coaching staff just messed it up. The schools I picked, the coaches have been there a real long time. ”

Parker went as far to say Illinois would have been on his final list if Weber was still there. Parker even mentioned Illinois would probably still be on his list if they hadn’t fired head coach Bruce Weber.

“They would,” Parker said. “Me and Bruce, he’s been recruiting me since seventh grade. He knows me probably more than any of the other coaches on the circuit right now.”

Illinois and DePaul are probably both kicking themselves in foot right now, but what’s done is done and cannot be undone. All Parker wants to do now is go get his 4th straight state championship and then figure out where he wants to play next year.

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