Florida Football Team Says Former Coach Faxed Info About Opponent

By Eric Domingo

The American Heritage (Delray Beach, Florida) football team has been having a great season. Although they were one of the favorites to win the 3A championship, theirs hopes to win a second consecutive title ended last Friday.

They lost to University (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) high school 34- 17.

While Heritage did make a lot of mistakes on both sides of the ball and allowed 17 points off turnovers, the Stallions may have been at a disadvantage from the start.

According to the Pal Beach Post, a “packet of information containing Heritage’s playbook, secret signals, favorite formations, code words and player weaknesses” were faxed to the University football offices days before the game.

Although the source hasn’t been named, there was a lot of speculation around former Heritage coach Doug Socha.

Socha resigned abruptly for personal reasons in June after six years at the school.

“It’s very ahrd not to think that he didn’t have a hand in it…Those are things that only people have been in this program know…Those are teams that I’ve never heard until I came her,” says Stacy Sizemore, Heritage football coach.

Socha now coaches at Oxbridge Academy (West Palm Beach, Florida) and denies that he sent information to University. Although Socha denies that he sent any information, his name did appear as the sender of the fax. University’s coach said he reviewed the info, but didn’t share it with his players before the game.

“It wasn’t me…It’s been speculated that I helped a bunch of schools (beat Heritage). I have no reason to do that…I had a great six years there. I’ve moved on,” says Socha.

Earlier this year, Heritage didn’t allow Socha, who also works as a commentator for high school football broadcasts, on campus to call the game between Heritage and Dwyer.


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