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Top 10 States to Watch High School Football

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High School Football: Ten Best States to Watch


What are the top 10 high school football states? This list was based on several different factors. Of course, you have to factor in the quality of the teams in each state; this is an absolute must

Another factor? The fervor of the fanbase. Sometimes the fans’ fervor and the players’passion on the field is a symbiotic relationship. So it is no surprise that in a lot of states where the football is of a high quality, the fans are very passionate as well. The fans’ passion may even carry over to things like school funding and intangibles such as that. There should be no surprise about the relationship between passionate fans and passionate players.

Player talent counts here as well. Yes, team talent and chemistry is also an important factor, but there is something in high school football about watching a player who could go on to amazing things in college football or even the NFL. This is a definite draw into games and cannot be overstated when it comes to getting fans passionate and also winning football games behind star performances.

Any disagreement with my rankings is welcome and you can Rant your comments below. We welcome debate in any form and now it is on to the top 10 high school football states.

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Tier 1: The Fringe 10


10. Virginia- Parity was the word entering the season and it was proven true. This state, like Illinois, has plenty of quality teams that on the right week can beat anyone and on the wrong week could look like they didn't belong on the field. Virginia seems to be returning to their 2010 form where they were ranked no. 9 in the country.

9: Oklahoma- The High School Playoffs for this state are brutal. Oklahoma is also a recruiting hot-bed for the Big 12. The lower classifications are more top heavy, but there are definitely top quality teams to be found there as well. Arkansas has been making a push, but for now Oklahoma stays in the top 10.

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Tier 2: The Top 5 Pushers


8. Alabama- The fact that Nick Saban has been working magic in Tuscaloosa has probably not tempered the fervor that Alabama Crimson Tide fans have. It is probably every young Alabama football player’s dream to play for the Tide, but at this point Saban gets his pick of the litter. The football here is smash mouth and old school.

7. Tennessee- The level of play in West and Central Tennessee continues to rise. When those regions are solid - and matching up well with the Knoxville and Chattanooga area private schools, then it is a solid year. Tennessee has also had a solid year for college prospects from the state.

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Tier 3: Knocking on the Door


6. Georgia- Always a top 10 football state, the Top 25 teams in Georgia could compete against every state in the country. The Georgia Class AAAAA playoffs may be as tough to win as any in the nation, and though this is still a defense first state they have many offensive weapons looming.

5. California- This state has the advantage of raw numbers, so there will always be teams worthy of discussion for the Top 100 across the country. From early this season though there wasn’t a team in the legitimate national title discussion. De La Salle has been great this year, but couldn’t crack the top 5 in many rankings

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Tier 2: The Near Elite


4. Louisiana- The Top 15 in Louisiana are as good as any of the states ahead of it. There is not quite that one single elite team to hang their hat on, but the strength in numbers at the top is right there. They always are a recruiting battle ground as well.

3. Ohio- Ohio has two towns on a top 10 high school football towns list I read recently. They have always been banging on the door of the top 5 and this year they make it through. The one thing to hold against them is the large gap between the top teams in the state and the mediocre.

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Tier 1: The Elite


2. Florida- Florida is a huge feeder state for both running backs as well as defensive talent. They also boast the top ranked team according to USA Today, Manatee High School. University of Florida also boasts the top ranked recruiting class this year with many home grown products staying in Gainesville.

1. Texas- This one speaks for itself. High school football is almost more important than religion in the republic of Texas. There are always thousands at the state championship games and the fervor of high school football lasts even through the off-season. Rivalries abound as well. One town in Texas is called Odessa and is home to the Odessa Permian High Panthers and was the inspiration for the book, TV show, and movie Friday Night Lights. Their rivalry with Midland Lee is known as a ‘’blood rivalry’’. Oh yeah, and the teams and players are all way up there in the rankings.