Top Basketball Recruit Andrew Wiggins to Officially Visit Florida State

By Taylor Johnson

The number one recruit in the nation Andrew Wiggins will officially visit the Florida State Seminoles this week. Not only is that big news but it just so happens that the Seminoles host No. 7 Florida Gators Wednesday while Wiggins is there.

The Seminoles are in a heated recruiting race with the Kentucky Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, Ohio State Buckeyes and North Carolina Tar Heels for the talented Wigginswhose parents both attended Florida State.

Recently Seminioles coach Leonard Hamilton was in attendance to watch Wiggins compete at the Charlotte Hoops Challenge.

The Seminoles should roll out the red carpet and pull out all the stops if they want to nab Wiggins. As of now he has not scheduled any other visits with the teams interested in him, but I see that changing very quickly. Just more reason why the Seminoles should try and make the very best first impression they can on the talented senior.

One way they can do that is by showing Wiggins just how good of a team they really have and beating the Gators is definitely a step in the right direction. Also the atmosphere the fans can create while Wiggins is in attendance will be a major plus as well. I’m not saying print thousands of t-shirts or make parody videos or anything like that, but showing him what kind of fan base he would be getting into would help since the other schools after him have great college crowds.

It’s time for the Seminoles and their fans to “dress to impress” so to speak. Roll out the red carpet and do everything you can while you have the number one basketball recruit in attendance. And hey a win over the Gators couldn’t hurt either.


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