High School Basketball Dunk Contest Major Fail (Video Included)

Andy Schmidt

This is just painful to watch. With my 20-inch vertical leap, I probably have no room to criticize, but this is just rough to watch.

You have to give the kid credit for trying again, but after he wasn’t even close on the first attempt you’d think he would have thought better of trying again. Especially given that he landed awkwardly on his arm on the way down.


Another lesson to be learned here? Let’s just put the kibosh on all high school dunk contests. Sure, let them do one at the McDonald’s All American game, but other than that let’s just do away with these. Sure seeing the world’s talents like LeBron James dunk at the high school level, but is it really necessary to hold these contest just at local area high schools.

It does make you wonder what it is about our sports’ culture that makes young players want to go above their own ability and cause embarassment and possibly even injury to themselves.

Here’s hoping that the young man the announcer called “Brett” does not have any lasting injuries from the awkward fall, and also that he does not enter any other dunk contests soon. I feel for the young man and am glad the youtube poster did not make the high school player’s name public. This is definitely not my favorite type of article to write, but when there are lessons to be learned about situations like this, then I feel it is still wise to talk about videos like this.

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