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High School player dies after collapsing during a scrimmage


Albert Martin was a well-known student around Red Bank Regional high school. He was described as a nice and humble by many and a “teddy bear” by the people closes to him.

Unfortunately on Monday, Martin died after collapsing during a basketball scrimmage against Point Pleasant Beach high school. The cause of Martin’s death is still unknown.

Scott Martin, Red Bank Regional’s boys basketball coach, had some comforting words on Martin’s playing career on Tuesday afternoon, a little after visiting Martin’s family.

“I visited her to reiterate how sorry we are and also to tell ehr that we would do anything we could to help with the funeral costs…I gave her my word that as a Red Bank Regional family, we would look out for her and remember her son,” says Scott.

Red Bank’s basketball program will pay tribune to Martin by retiring his jersey number (No. 34) on December 17 at the team’s 6:30 p.m. home game against Red Bank Catholic.

The death of Martin not only had an effect on Martin’s family but his teammates as well. Martin’s 30 high school teammates received grief counseling at the school Tuesday, and some participated in a midday news conference with reporters.

John Dengler and Corey Martin, discussed Martin’s effect on them at the news conference.

“the first day of tryouts this season, Albert was just so excited…He had a big smile on is faec and was so ready. As the only senior, he set a really good example for all the younger kids,” says Corey.