Jabari Parker could fit in with Coach K's coaching style

By fagofranklin

Duke Blue Devils Coach Mike Krzyzewski runs a spread offense, which most schools cannot stop. Jabari Parker could fit with Coach K’s system, because he has the skill-set and has success with an offense of that nature. Jabari Parker is a 6 foot 7 player, who has the ability to get to the basket.

His skill set, is the pick your poison type. As stated before, Parker has the ability to get to the basket with his inside presence. He also can shoot from the outside and create shots for his teammates. During the Mac Irvin Fire travel basketball season, Parker averaged 19.3 points and 9.9 rebounds. Can you talk about talent? During the game, Coach K. had given Jabari Parker a compliment; that many can see. He compares Parker to Kobe Bryant and Grant Hill.

That is amazing, just at entry level basketball, this young star is compared to both these great and talented basketball players. Coach K has a tendency to dictate the pace of a game. His record as a head coach proves it. He broke the record of wins, which was held by Bob Knight on November 15th 2011. Coach K rolled over Knight’s record of wins and recorded 903 wins.

Players that have played for Coach K can tell you, he wants players that play to their potential. There will not be any horse playing or any tolerance allowed. Jabari will get the coaching he needs there. The spread offense will work for him. He will improve his outside shooting and make any defender think twice before trying to trap him. As 2013 approaches, Jabari Parker can make a statement and history with the Blue Devils.

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