Jabari Parker’s Simeon Academy Teammates Suspended For Sneaker Stunt


Simeon Academy have had a truly fantastic few years as a basketball program. They are currently ranked number one in the country and are fresh off their third state championship.

In unfortunate news, coach Robert Smith told the Chicago Tribune Sunday at practice that six players will serve one-game suspensions during this week. The suspensions were incurred because of an incident after last season’s state championship where several seniors and a few underclassmen took their shoes off and put them on the floor of Peoria’s Civic Center.

Forward Kendall Pollard was one of the participants in the display.

“[The Seniors] don’t get suspended, but we get the bad part,” Pollard told the Chicago Tribune. “Considering we go down there every year, I guess they were trying to say that was our court or whatever.”

Coach Robert Smith has to be glad that his forward Jabari Parker did not participate in the stunt, so we hill not be suspended for any games.

“I didn’t want to take some of the bigger games, but they are going to be reprimanded the way I think they should be reprimanded,” Smith told the Tribune. “It was a mistake. They’re teenagers, and we have to make sure we show them the right way to do stuff.”

Smith is probably more than pleased that he will still have his star Parker in for those games, even he is still recovering from a right foot fracture. Parker is still not 100%, but he should be healthy by the end of the year. That is the only important thing. One thing’s for sure, with Parker as Simeon’s senior captain the Wolverines won’t lay their shoes on the court for their 4th straight state title, but his teammates hope Parker can lead them there once more.

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