Time For Shot Clock In High School Basketball

By Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

I have spent the last 10 years of my life watching and covering high school basketball. During that time, I have wanted to make some changes to the game to make it even better and maybe get some more fans into the bleachers at schools across this country. There is one thing that does weigh over the others, though: I think the time has come to have a shot clock in the high school game.

There are way too many games that slow to a crawl by a team that is overmatched and decide to run two or three minutes off the clock just to keep the score down. It is a very boring brand of basketball and one that can’t continue this way. What would be the harm in having a shot clock of 45 seconds? We may not be forced to sit through fouls from the two minute mark on for the rest of a game. It could bring excitement as teams have to figure out new strategies on how to deal with the change.

This change is long overdue and needed to be done many years ago, but now would be a chance to finally do it. I would even encourage a trial period during a Thanksgiving or Christmas tournament where a number of teams could see the change in action while not having to do it for the whole season. With schools having budget issues all over the country, it could allow more fans to get interested in their local team and support them more than they do now.


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