Should Jabari Parker go to BYU?

By fagofranklin
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports


As the year of 2012 closes, there has been speculation that Jabari  Parker will indeed choose BYU. BYU could help Parker in and outside of basketball. BYU is the largest private religious school in the country. The school is referred to as “The Mormon Church.”  Religiously, Parker is a Mormon, and would fit right in the school. Outside of the religious matter, Parker would put BYU in discussion of earning a way to the final four. BYU has been to 27 All-time NCAA tournament appearances and won 29 conference titles. Parker could add to the total, if he commits to this organization. Parker is known for his fluent footwork and his crisp shooting. He could make a perfect fit. Offensively, he can spread the offense; he can help set up more screens and open more players up for mid-range jumpers.

Also defensively, Parker can strengthen the Cougars. They could run more zone than man. A zone defense would be better, because it would be harder for opponents to get to the basket. Parker has the ability to become a force within this school. He does not turn the ball over, which would improve the Cougars chances of winning games. Last season, the Cougers gave up huge margins and was defeated by turnovers. Turnovers have been a huge factor. It cost them a chance of going further in the tournament. With 2013 around the corner, BYU needs to get Parker’s attention. If Parker commits to this school, Parker would have the basketball team back in the spot light. As the future is near; Jabari Parker needs to decide: what school has his best interest from him outside of basketball?

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