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Assistant Coach Fired for Facebook Comments


Steve Spoden, Marian Central (Woodstock, IL) offensive line coach, was fired Thursday for writing a cruel comment about Montini’s football players on one of his players Facebook.

Spoden posted, which has since been removed, “wanted to take a bat to the knees of Montini’s football players” and “carpetbomb the town”.

The former Marian Central offensive line coach says he was trying to console his player, who had posted that he wanted another shot at Montini after Marian Central lost to them, 42-27, in the third round of the playoffs.

The player posted on his Facebook page on November 24, the day Montini won the 5A state title.

“I made a huge mistake…I need to own it. I have no one to blame but me,” says Spoden.

Many Marian Central football players expressed support for their former coach, who served as a Hurricanes assistant coach for 13 years.

“We’re all disappointed in his opinions, but we all still love him…He’s changed the lives of a lot of kids,” says Brett Olson, junior wide receiver.

I was truly disappointed that Spoden made those comments about Mintini’s football players. It is the coaches’ responsibility to set an example and be a role model to his players. Displaying cruel and unnecessary comments is not what Spoden should have done. Spoden should have motivated his players to come out next year with same intensity and hand it to Montini next time they play each other.

I was impressed with the support the Marian Central football players gave Spoden. It shows that Spoden was a great coach, but just made a mistake.

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