Fifth-Grader Starts for High School Varsity Team

By Eric Domingo

Although Jabari Parker is arguably the best young player around, some people believe Julian Newman is next in line.

The kid is unbelievably talented and plays ages ahead of his time. Newman starts for Downey Christian’s (Orland0) high school basketball team and has impressed many with his skills.

“He has a tremendous skill level…He has moves that even NBA players don’t have. He does stuff that hasn’t been done before with the ball,” says Jamie Newman, Downey’s head coach and Julian’s father.

The fifth-grader was nicknamed “handles” because of his craftiness with the basketball. The 4’5 point guard can get to the paint at will and can easily find his teammates.

Julian not only can pass the ball but score as well. The Orlando native once scored 91 points in three quarters against middle school competition.

If Coach Newman keeps his job and his son, doesn’t find a loophole that allows his son to play in the NBA when he is in 9th grade, Coach Newman and Julian could actually be working together on the high school court for eight seasons.

I’m actually quite impressed with Julian’s skill-set. When I first saw him on youtube, I thought the kid was the team’s waterboy, but when he suited up and started crossing kids twice his size, I knew he was the real deal.

The scary thing about Julian is he hasn’t even gotten taller yet. At 4’5 he definitely is at a disadvantage, but he makes it up with his speed. He gets around defenders so easily and I believe he is going to be a college star.


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