College Hoops Recruiting: Montaque Gill-Caesar Draws Comparisons to Teammate Andrew Wiggins

By Eric Domingo
Andrew Synowiez-USA TODAY Sports

Montaque Gill-Caesar is a great player, but he has always been in his shadow of his teammate Andrew Wiggins. Gill-Caesar always enjoys it when reporters’ react to comparisons of him and the No. 1 ranked player in the Class of 2013.

Both players play on the wing and hail from Canada. Gill-Caesar and Wiggins both have insane athleticism and sweet jump shots. Although both have similar styles, many argue Wiggins is better because of age.

“I think people expect me to shoot that down and say ‘no I’m not that good’…But i’m not gonna say that. I’m definitely not him, but I’m trying to get to where he’s at so my mindset is to keep working toward that. I love a challenge,” says Gill-Caesar.

In Huntington’s (West Virginia) high school basketball game against Homeschool Christian (Houston) I believe both players played great and both have upsides in their game.

“Teki (Gill-Caesar) is the next big thing, no question about it…He’s 6’foot’5 and growing and he’s talented. I’m telling you he’s definitely going to be the guy. Trust me, I’ve known him forever,” says Wiggins.

Wiggins and Gill-Caesar grew up in Canada and attended Glen Shields Elementary together. The teammates spent the last summer together playing for the same AAU program, CIA Bounce (Canada). That’s when Wiggins started to talk to Gill-Caesar about coming to play in the states.

“He would always tell me about how good the competition is over here and I love competition…Finally, I decided to come over and play with him after I had a strong summer,” says Gill-Caesar.


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