Waukegan beats Main South

By Eric Domingo
Andy Schmidt

Friday night’s game against Waukegan, Main South was happy that they had their best start since the program’s 1979 state championship season. Although they were having a great season their winning streak ended at nine after a 45-44 loss.

Waukegan took the lead for good – 40-39 -on a layup by Quintin Davis with 3 minutes, 6 seconds left. Main South missed a chance to win at the buzzer when Frank Dounis’ jumper didn’t connect.

“It was a real big momentum boost…We needed this win to get our momentum back and start playing Waukegan ball. We just needed to sustain our pressure and keep our patience and we knew we were going to a ‘W,'” says Deconte Taylor, forward.

Waukegan shot a horrible 3-for-14 from the filed in the first quarter, which ended with the scored tied 8-8, and watched as Taylor picked up two fouls.

Main South started to pick things up in the second quarter. They went on an 11-0 run and accumulated a 21-13 lead. Dounis, Hawk’s senior guard, hit a long range 3-pointer and sophomore Caleb DeMarigny, Hawk’s guard, drained two straight long range shots to help their team toa  21-15 halftime lead.

The Bulldogs came back, but it wasn’t easy. They came back with great defense and offense in the early third. Although things were fairly close, things got more intense when the Bulldogs were only down by three going into the fourth.

That’s when Taylor started to catch fire and lead his team. He recored seven in the quarter while Main South’s John Solari had six.



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