Nico Falah Just Might Switch To Washington Huskies By Signing Day

By Rick Stavig
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The recruiting class being assembled by the Southern Cal Trojans right now for the class of 2013 is truly remarkable.  This class, if it stays fully intact, could go down as one of the most talented of the modern recruiting era.

The key word of that last sentence was ‘if’.  ‘If’ the Trojans keep their class intact.

Some are speculating that the Trojans started too hot and are starting to cool down the stretch.  Others think their 7-5 season is beginning to hurt them.  Some think the loss of Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator put them in poor favor with recruits.

The bottom line is this: many experts firmly believe that there’s no way that SC signs everyone that is verbally ‘committed’ right now.

The player with the most buzz about de-committing from the Trojans has been defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes, with the UCLA Bruins being the team he might switch to.  But who do I think has the best chance of changing his mind before/during National Signing Day?  Offensive tackle Nico Falah.

Falah, a 6’4” 270lb hogmolly from St. John Bosco High in Bellflower, California, has been committed to the Trojans since early July.  Slowly but surely, the Washington Huskies have been chipping away on Falah.  Signing Day could be the day he makes the big switch.

After visiting Seattle to check out the Huskies, Falah was blown away.  Two things stuck out to him that he says will play a major role in his school decision: The people (coaches and players) and the opportunity.

Falah raved about the guys on the Washington team, as well as the players.  The locker room camaraderie was real and not staged.  And the opportunity to play early is very, very real.

Washington NEEDS a lineman like Falah.  SC merely WANTS a(nother) player like Falah.  He can go into Seattle and get playing time early on as a freshman.  At SC, there’s almost no chance he plays next year, or possibly the year after that considering the talent along the Trojans offensive line depth chart.

It certainly helps the Trojans chances to keep Falah that he still has to take his official visit to SC (scheduled for January 18th).  They will have the opportunity to leave that ever important last impression.  But, in my humble opinion, it won’t be enough.

The Huskies have been a team on the rise for a few years now, and they’re only a few pieces away from truly contending with the likes of SC, the Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal in the Pac 12.

I’m smart enough to stop myself from guaranteeing Falah will switch to Washington, but it’s close.  Close enough to make me predict that SC won’t have Falah next year.

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