Indiana Hoosiers Strike Gold and Land Top Recruit Noah Vonleh

By fagofranklin

Noah Vonleh, is a 6 ft. 7 foward that is taking the world by storm. Can he survive the hype?

Noah is ranked 7th among the 2013 recruits. Vonley went to New Hampton Prep, and produced numbers that only a kid could imagine. Vonley has the ability and talent to become one of the nation’s elite players in his recruiting class. He amazed people with his fluent footwork, and his relentless mindset. He has the ability to take criticism, and use it to better himself.

The talent that he can bring to Indiana is the will to win. As you have seen in previous games; when his team was down, he found a way to get a some type of energy to get his team back into the game.

The Indiana Hoosiers need this type of production from a player. They will need a player like Vonleh to step up when the “spotlight” is on the team.

The Hoosier’s lack of hustle on the boards put them in a grueling match up with the Kentucky Wildcats. The Wildcats won the game, leaving the Hoosiers shocked. The turnovers and many missed opportunities led to defeat.

Vonley will provide them with a “game changer” mentality. He has the ability to be streaky and has a high percentage of shooting the long ball. This kid could drive coaches crazy. He can create mix-match problems for defenders, which would open other players to score at will. Indiana was 27-9 overall last season, but failed to clean up their habit of not rebounding well.

As the 2013-2014 season is revealed, we will see the brewing of a young man. Lets see if the world can sense this storm!

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