Vernon Hargreaves III Shares Moment

By Eric Domingo

A lot of athletes have experienced an event when their teammates and friends knew they were talented. Twice a week we will let high school athletes dish on the moment when they proved they are talented.

This week, Wharton (Tampa) cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III, a Florida commit, met with the media.

Many wonder what defines him as a player and Hargreaves III explained it to the media.

“Last year when we played against Alonso (Tampa, Florida). It was to see who would go to the playoffs and I just completely dominated that game. I contributed 26 of our 46 points and had three touchdowns. It was just one of those times when I was just doing everything right,” says Hargreaves III.

Even though star athletes make the job look easy, they do get nervous.

“I was nervous, but I was really focused. I was really ready to play I remember that I was anxious,” says Hargreaves III.

Hargreaves III is a great player and knows he is talented.

“It felt great. I knew at some point during that game that they couldn’t stop me. It’s like something clicked for me and I took that and ran with it,” says Hargreaves III.

The Florida cornerback is a great prospect and I think he’ll do great for the Gators. His foot speed is unmatched and he is an outstanding athlete. When Hargreaves III is on the field, it seems he is in a different gear then all the other players.

With Hargreaves III at Florida, they definitely should make some noise in the SEC.

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