Julius Randle proving himself

By Eric Domingo
Andrew Synowiez-USA TODAY Sports

Every athlete has gone through pain and hardship. They also have gone through a moment when their teammates and peers knew they were going to be a force to be reckoned with.  Julius Randle, Prestonwood Christian (Piano, Texas) forward, knows that feeling and explains it to the media.

Randle has always been a great player and he knew when he first started playing in high school.

“It was the summer after my sophomore year when I was playing at the Peach Jam. I was the second leading scorer that summer. I remember the last game of the tournament we played a loaded Memphis YOMCA squad, and I had 30 points and 15 rebounds,” says Randle.

Emotions were high during that game and Randle always wants to live up to the pressure.

“I definitely wanted to go out there and dominate. I just wanted to keep making a name for myself, but I knew that this was a game that I could really get my name out there even more,” says Randle.

The star forward was hot that game and felt like he couldn’t miss.

“I felt like I couldn’t miss for a few stretches. I was really anxious to win that game. I wanted to go even harder every play,” says Randle.

After that game Randle became an instant star and fans instantly fell in love with him.

“Everyone was coming up to me telling me how great I was. I wasn’t ready for all that. The coach from YOMCA told me I was the best player in the country, regardless of class. I was shocked at that. It was big for me to hear that,” says Randle.

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