Penn State QB Recruit Christian Hackenburg Hopes Bill O'Brien Doesn't Leave for NFL Job

By Dave Daniels

No. 2-rated quarterback prospect and Penn State recruit Christian Hackenberg said that he’s confident coach Bill O’Brien will not leave the school for opportunities in the NFL.

“I mean, I’m hoping,” Hackenberg said at Under Armour All-America Game. “I’ve got my fingers crossed.”

O’Brien is apparently on the short list for a couple NFL teams even though he’s apparently said before he wouldn’t leave for just any opportunity.

Hackenberg apparently spoke with O’Brien about NFL jobs “a month or two ago.”

“He’s not worried about it,” Hackenberg said. “He’s worried about coaching Penn State.”

Hackenberg showed his own loyalty to PSU by sticking to his commitment, made in February, even though Penn State was banned from bowl play over the next 4 years and also docked 40 scholarships.

The quarterback hopes his burgeoning relationship with O’Brien and Penn State quarterbacks coach Charlie Fisher is a large factor in O’Brien staying with the Nittany Lions.

O’Brien has had a fantastic year and was named the Big 10 Coach of the Year.

“My parents felt comfortable handing me over to them for four years,” Hackenberg said. “I really felt a connection with those guys and felt a comfort level with them that I had nowhere else.”

Hackenberg also apparently will reconsider what his options are if O’Brien leaves before signing day of February 6th.

“I’d think about it,” Hackenberg said. “He was a big part of it. He’s the guy who’s going to develop me. That’s one of the big things I looked at. I’ll see what happens.”

If both O’Brien and Hackenberg are not there next year, then the Nittany Lions will have even more rebuilding to do after picking up the scraps this year.

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