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Bobby Portis Will Be Go To Player For Arkansas Razorback

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Portis is now officially a Razorback. The University of Arkansas is now  a complete team with Portis joining the organization. Portis is known for his hard work and his outstanding mid-range shooting; he will give Arkansas more second chance opportunities with rebounding and defensively he can cover the floor. He was ranked among the top 20 in many recruiting rankings. He averaged 16 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 2.7 blocks when he was playing for Hall High School. He has unique “tunnel vision” and can score at will. His physical type of size will make him a valuable asset to the Razorbacks.

Bobby shows that he is mature, when he is faced by media criticism. He is a humble young man and understands the pressure that comes with playing basketball. He is a leader and can influence his teammates to build on their chemistry. Portis does not  need that much improvement, as he progresses to become the star that Arkansas needs. He understands the role that he has with the team.

 He will not make poor decisions and he executes plays well. Arkansas needs this type of player to control the tempo of the game. He can also create shots for himself, as well as others; the one area he could improve is his long range shooting. He does not like to settle for 3 pointers, and would rather take a comfortable mid-range jumper. That is his only flaw. He needs to be comfortable shooting long range jumpers, as well as mid -range though to be become elite. The Razorbacks will mold him into an All-American player. This is the right piece to this puzzle.