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Under Armour All-American Game: Robert Nkemdiche Blowing Up In Practice

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Practices for the Under Armour All American Game have been going on all week in Tampa, Florida, and there have been some outstanding performances.  Some guys are raising their stock, some are hurting it and others are playing exactly the way they’re expected to.  So who in particular is having a good week?

Let’s start with Team Highlight (yep that’s a truly unique team name).

The guy everyone has been clamoring to see against elite competition is Robert Nkemdiche.  Nkemdiche is widely regarded as the top prospect nationally, and he’s not disappointing.  Many people (myself included), have been chomping at the bits to see him in one-on-one drills against legit competition.  This is due to the fact that Nkemdiche rarely participated in the camp circuit scene and didn’t have a plethora of his high schools games nationally televised.  Thus, some needed/wanted to see some validation for his lofty status.

Well, he’s the real deal, folks.  At 6’5” 270lbs of rock solid muscle, he’s physically ready  for life in the SEC.  He’s been a man amongst boys throughout the practices.  He’s just on a different level than everyone else.

Some other guys that have been standing out thus far on Team Highlight are two Alabama Crimson Tide commits, receiver Robert Foster and tackle Grant Hill.  Foster has shown to be the most physically gifted receiver on his team, and looks fantastic so far.  Hill struggled at first, but has since come into his own.

Now let’s move to some of the top performers from Team Nitro (seriously, who came up with these team names?).

Carl Lawson, predictably, has stuck out the most.  The guy who I still think is the best player in the country, even over Nkemdiche, has had a fantastic week of practice.  He’s told everyone that will listen that no one in this game would be able to block him, and he’s been incredibly accurate with that prediction.  He’s been a playmaker in the finest sense of the word, getting sacks and tackles behind the line of scrimmage, batting down balls, forcing and recovering fumbles as well as firing up his defense.  Too bad Lawson and Nkemdiche won’t be going against each other come game day…

Others that have stuck out from Nitro have been Laquon Treadwell and Chris Jones.  Treadwell is considered to be the number one wide receiver in the country, and he’s looking like it.  He’s very physical with cornerbacks who are trying to jam him at the line up scrimmage, and is fluid breaking off coverages. Jones has done an excellent job playing opposite of Lawson.  The pair have been in the offenses backfield all week.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a heck of a game this Friday.