David Denson's 515 ft. Homer Breaks Bryce Harper’s Tropicana Field Record

By Dave Daniels

South Hills (Calif.) senior and Hawaii commit David Denson won the Power Showcase in Miami last month in an impressive outing where he launched 19 home runs and many of them were at a truly ridiculous distant. Denson was using an aluminum bat, but one of his shots went 515 ft and three others bounced off of the scoreboard.


For a sense of scope, Bryce Harper hit a 502 footer at the same event at Tropicana field in 2009 when he was just a young pup. In short… Denson has got some serious power.

This is not to say he is in the same class as Harper. Maybe as far as pure bat power he is, but there is a lot more to Harper’s game than just his power. Harper’s plate discipline, Pete Rose-like base running, and rocket arm from the outfield made him into the National League Rookie of the Year last year.


Desnon turns 18 on January 17th, stands 6’4″, weighs 252 pounds and can throw a ball 90 miles an hour. So he has enough raw skills that if he can improve his fielding and baserunning, then he might develop into quite the young baseball prospect. He is a left-handed first baseman currently and the other aspect of his game that could improve is hitting for average as well as power.

Denson will be going to Hawaii next year, and if he can continue to develop his other skill sets, then one day maybe we can watch Denson and Harper in a major league home run derby together.

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