Jabari Parker, Moses Kingsley, and Andrew Wiggins are Players to Watch Out For

By fagofranklin



Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013-2014 recruiting class has loads of talent. Jabari Parker, Moses Kingsley, and Andrew Wiggins have raised the bar high. These players will impact their respective schools tremendously. The anticipation is killing us to watch them next year. This is one of the best recruiting classes in many years. All of the players have that championship mindset. They have the size and strength to be impact players.

Kingsley has to improve his free throw shooting and his footwork. He needs to be quicker on the defensive end; he tends to lean into the opponents body, which causes him to get into foul trouble. Kinsley has great ball handling skills for his size as a big man. He can dish the ball out of a double team and makes great decisions down low.

Andrew Wiggins needs to improve his movement in his wrist. He needs to follow through with his shooting. His wrist does not snap to create the spin on the ball. If he can improve that, then he will have a higher percentage of shooting the three ball. His quick movements to the cup make it very hard to guard him. He can take you off the dribble and he is very outstanding with shooting mid-range shots. He tends to react kind of quickly though, which could get him pulled out the game. He has to be patient in critical situations. Other than that, this player can reach his potential.

Jabari Parker needs to improve his strength when going to the basket. All of those hits he takes, he is one injury away from being hurt for the season. He has the ability to be a nightmare for defenders. He has a quick release and will take the ball down with confidence, when the game is on the line. This will be a season to remember!

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