Duke Blue Devils Commit Jabari Parker Received Foot Injury Advice From Alum Grant Hill

By Dave Daniels

2012 was quite a year for the nation’s no two ranked player Jabari Parker. (He’s number one in my book by the way.) He won the Gatorade Basketball Player of the Year Award over the summer; the same summer that he broke his foot at the FIBA U-17 tournament. He has since rehabbed his injury, although he is not currently in the shape he was last year at this time.

Parker has gotten advice over the last year from a variety of sources including: Derrick Rose, Steve Young, and Alonzo Mourning.

And now that he’s officially a Duke Blue Devil, Parker revealed that after he got hurt, he was in communication with Grant Hill. Hill, a 17 year professional veteran, knows a thing or two about injuries and specifically foot injuries.

“I talked to Grant and he just told me not to rush the process with my injury,” said Parker. “He had the same problems with his feet so he knows what that’s like.”

Parker played in Simeon Academy’s season opener, but in severely limited minutes; he is still playing his way back into tip-top shape, but just wants to get there by season’s end and not rush it.

“All we want right now is a healthy team in February. We’ve had to play with different groups of guys along the line and that’s going to help us become more versatile as a team,” said Parker and then joked (kind of rare for him) that “I don’t have the young legs anymore. I’m old; I’m a vet right now.”

Parker’s not quite a vet yet, but he is still handling his business with grace beyond his years.

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