Devin Brooker is going to be a star

By Eric Domingo

You’re probably asking yourself who’s Devin Brooker? He may not be a name your familiar with, but you really should watch out for this kid.

This shooting guard out of Moss Point (Moss Point, Mississippi) high school has arguably the best three-point shot in Mississippi and in the Class of 2014.

Brooker has seen every defense and still considered a teenager. Double and triple teams come at him every night and he still always seems to make the right play.

“This is not your typical wing guard. Brooker has a few things working in his favor. For starters, he’s been blessed with a unique feel for the game and a passion for his position,” says a ESPN Recruiting Nation.

The 6’4, 180 lbs guard is averaging 33 PPG and playing like a superstar. His best game came on December 22 where he scored 49 points in an 80-65 win against Brewbaker Tech (Montgomery, Alabama). His second best game came against Ocean Springs (Ocean Springs, Mississippi), where he scored 48 points in a 100-57 win.

He is highly scouted and has his choice of almost any school in the country. Although he has not decided where he wants to go, here are some schools that interest Brooker: Alabama, Florida, Georgetown, Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi State and Missouri.

Brooker has gotten an offer from Michigan and Missouri, but has not visited any schools yet.

I’m hoping that Brooker looks into Michigan. The Spartans are lacking a star and Brooker would be a great young player to take them to the top. They haven’t won the NCAA championship since 2000 and it’s about time for them to start competing for it again.

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