Devon Hall Will Be Part of the Next Generation of Point Guards for Virginia Cavaliers

By fagofranklin
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Devon Hall is what the Virginia Cavaliers needed. They needed a pure point guard, that does not make many mental mistakes down the stretch of a game. The Cavaliers have been consistently turning the ball over. You will not win a game with turnovers. Hall has the ability to change direction, with very fluent ball handling skills.

Statically, he puts up about 11 points per game. Points do not matter to Hall. He has the ability to read the defense, even before the defense have been set. This gives the Cavaliers a fighting chance to run more of a spread offense. You can run the offense through Hall. You can run more screens, backdoor cuts, and curls with Hall running the floor.

The Cavaliers is known to recruit more shooting guards than point guards. That is one of the reasons that they do not do well in tournaments. Turnovers and time management have been in issue for many years for this team. This is why they recruited Hall.

He will  confuse the defense. He can go left or right and has the ability to be the aggressor at will. This will improve Virginia tremendously. Defensively, he can fight through screens and his long lenthy arms will alter shoots. He will only get better with time.

The 2013-2014 season for the Cavaliers will be a great one. The Cavaliers will improve, not only with shot selection, but improve their defense also. It is time for the world to come out and see the new generation of point guards.


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