Kennedy Meeks Will be a North Carolina Tar Heel

By fagofranklin


Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports


Kennedy Meeks will be staying home in North Carolina. Meeks has lived in North Carolina all of his life, so why not play for a home town school. After weeks of debating which school he would go to, Meeks finally decided to attend the University of North Carolina.

Meeks is a 6 foot 8 post player. He will shine in a Tar Heel’s uniform. Meeks has the ability to run the floor effortlessly. He has the frame to use his strength and shield off defenders. That makes him a trouble maker in the paint. Even though he does not have the ability to have that extra bounce to block defenders, his frame makes it diffcult to get second chance opportunities.

Meeks is deadly within 15 feet of the basket. That is a plus for his position. The Tar Heels have an outstanding back court, which will make it harder for opposing defenses to keep up.

Meeks is also known for his passing. His eyes are always looking for the double team. When you double team Meeks, you are looking for trouble. He can see the floor and will not hesitate to make an extra pass to a wide open player.

Meeks is the type of player that will work hard and give you everything he has.  As a Tar Heel, he can make a name for himself. As you have seen in recent years, the Tar Heels know each player skill- set and will utilize it. Meeks will be the right fit for this team. He just needs to stay out of foul trouble and he will be a successful center for this Heels.

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