Duke Blue Devil Commit Jabari Parker Admits He Rushed Back From Injury

By Dave Daniels

In Jabari Parker’s second game of the year and Simeon Academy’s first loss he recorded as many turnovers as points.

Looking back on that game Parker admitted the he “probably came back a few weeks too early.”

Parker fractured his right foot over the summer and is just now rounding his way back into top form. He rushed back for Simeon’s season opener in a decision that was probably a bit emotional.

“Probably wasn’t the wisest move for me,” said Parker, the 3 time state champion. “My foot was hurting a little bit a few weeks back because of it, but I’m feeling a lot better. It feels fine now.”

He is starting to find his rhythm on the court and his coach is hoping that the woes of his first few games are behind him.

“It was just his second game back and he was trying to get his rhythm down,” Simeon coach Robert Smith said. “Definitely wasn’t his normal self.”

Parker has started to play more minutes and recently recorded 17 points and 13 rebounds for the Wolverines in their second loss of the season against Montverde. He was reportedly only at 80 percent during the game.

“He’s getting there,” Smith said. “The reality is that Jabari’s 80 percent is better than most people’s 100 percent. He’s a remarkable player, but he’s still not playing at the level that he’s capable of. But that comes with time.”

Well, if Parker is at 100 percent by year’s end, then expect a 4th straight state title for the Wolverines.

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