Andrew Harrison Brings National Title Hopes To Kentucky Wildcats

By fagofranklin


Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


Andrew Harrison is known to be a quiet and humble young man off the basketball court, but on the court his actions show that he has a monster inside of him. The Kentucky Wildcats have been trying to find that fire in their players. Their players have been very inconsistent from three land and at times look like walking zombies.

Harrison has that attack mentality. The point guard is the type of player that will excite the fans and players. He has that giddy spirit that rubs off on everybody.

Harrison has the ability to take the Wildcats to the National title. He is ranked number one in his class and is noticed for his hard work. Even though this is very premature, there have been many people saying that Harrison can be NBA bound. He has the potential to reach the NBA, if he pays attention and gains more upper body strength.

Harrison is what the Wildcats have been looking for. He can stretch the floor with his outside shooting and has the vision to find the open man when he is doubled teamed. This star has the dream of reaching the National title. It is a long shot, but with Harrison running the floor the Wildcats have a chance.

Kentucky has done an excellent job with recruiting the past few years. Andrew will give them anther shot to win the National title. With Harrison in their back court, their productivity will surely improve. The Wildcats will use more screens and back cuts to set up open shots. They now have a go to player that does not hesitate, when the game is on the line.

Kentucky has a shot to win it all!


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