Chicago High School Basketball Game Ends With Fights and Arrests

By Eric Domingo
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

High School basketball games can be intense, but the Corliss (Chicago, Illinois), South Shore’s (Chicago, Illinois) game got out of hand. The conflict between the two schools got so crazy, that it caused the game to be cancelled.

The game was held on Friday at Corliss High School in the 800 block of East 103rd Street. Police responded to the fight and made countless arrests for minor offenses. The details of the fight and the charges have not been released.

Corliss, who sits at 6-7 on the season, is fresh off a loss to Fenger H.S. by a score of 75-72.

They have been on quite a losing streak, losing four out of their last five games. The Trojans’ point differential average in those losses was 22 points. Their most disappointing loss came to Seton Academy (South Holland, Illinois) in which they got crushed, 100-51.

Fortunately, they picked things up Saturday, as they beat Gary Lighthouse College Prep Academy, 60-56.

South Shore High School has been having similar struggles, losing all their games this season. The Tars’ point differential average in those losses was also 22 points. Their most disappointing loss came to Brooks College Prep (Chicago, Illinois) where they were outmatched, 63-32.

It’s truly unfortunate that the game had to end on such bad terms. Both teams have been having their struggles this season and could have used a win. These teams will not face each other again this season, but one can hope this issue can be forgotten.

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