Anthony Barber Hopes to Bring a National Title to N.C. State Wolfpack

By fagofranklin
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Barber is known for his speed and ball handling. Barber has the mind-set to take the N.C. State Wolfpack to the National title. N.C. State has had a hard time finding a talent such as Barber.

Barber is very quick and decisive with his decision making. He understands the role of a point guard in this league. The Wolfpack have been on the hot seat in recent years, because of turnovers. The Wolfpack’s main concern was turning the ball over. We have seen this movie over and over and would like to find a solution.

The solution is now here. Anthony Barber will be the superman for the Wolfpack. His presence alone will energize his teammates.

Many have asked; how can Barber improve the Wolfpack? He will improve the Wolfpack’s offense by attacking the basket. He is very swift and methodically with attacking a defense. He shoots at a high percentage. He will dish the ball out and help create more space for three point shooters.

He is an all around player that knows what it takes to become champion. He is improving with each  game he has played. The Wolfpack’s chances of reaching a National title have been slim in recent years. The Wolfpack just needed a spark. Barber is now the spark that will ignite their fuse for hopes of reaching the National title.

Barber will be the face of this organization. He brings hope and joy to Wolfpack fans. He is very humble and will improve his game even more.  It is up to Barber and the team to finish what they have started!


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