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Duke Commit Becca Greenwell Sets National 3 Point Record

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US PRESSWIRE- Cary Edmondson

Becca Greenwell started off her game Monday night by hitting six straight 3-pointers and she didn’t slow down from there. She set out to break her sister’s school record of 10 3-pointers, but she ended up getting a lot more than that. After passing the school record, she then broke the state record of 13 and to put the cherry on top, broke the national record of 15.

Her older sister was very proud and tweeted about it after the game.

She ended up with 17 3-pointers and all of her shots were from that range, because she is still recovering from an ACL tear from last year. Think of what this young woman will be able to do at Duke when she is fully healthy. Just incredible.

“They played a 2-3 zone,” coach Ray Zuberer told MaxPreps. “She was a little bit leery of attacking the basket (while recovering from her second knee injury) so we set her on the perimeter. As they began to challenge her, she just kept moving farther and farther back.”

She finished with 51 points in addition to nine rebounds, four assists and a pair of steals.

Her coach thought she wasn’t even healthy enough to really play her best game.

“To be honest,” Zuberer said, “she’s kind of limping around out there.”

Well, Greenwell should be fully recovered by the time she lands in Tobacco Road where she will no doubt continue to shoot that 3-ball.

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