Julius Randle Should Join Anthony Barber on N.C. State in 2013

By Dave Daniels

When Julius Randle kept N.C. State on his final list of six colleges and left out UNC and Duke, he shocked the college basketball world. Julius Randle is writing a blog at USAToday.com, and gave Wolfpack fans a bit of hope with his latest post.

“My next visit will be to N.C. State the weekend of Jan. 26, and I cannot wait to get down there to hang out with the coaches and my boy Rodney (Purvis). I talk to him all the time and he tells me about how he’s doing and things like that. The whole team and staff seem pretty close, so I really like that.”

Randle is good friends with Purvis, but there is an even better reason why Randle should go to State. His nickname is the “Cat” and birth name is Anthony Barber. The pick and roll combination between Barber and Randle would be truly electrifying and they would both get heavy minutes from their freshman year on. Also, Randle would kind of get buried on Kentucky and wouldn’t see the floor as much.

Since Randle’s foot fracture he has been surprised at the number of coaches who have reached out to him, even ones who he eliminated from his recruiting list last year. Randle could end up going to Lexington on a fast track to the NBA, but at State he could hang out with his buddy Purvis and also throw down some sweet alley oops thrown by Anthony “The Cat” Barber and shake up the ACC.

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