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Former Oregon Ducks Coach Chip Kelly Leaving Will Hurt Recruiting

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Recruits around the country were shocked by the news that Chip Kelly was leaving Oregon to become head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. After initially interviewing, it was reported the Kelly was not interested in becoming a pro head coach and would be staying in Oregon.

That was apparently not true and one recruit tweeted his surprise.

“An Oregon recruit reacts to the Chip Kelly news. RT @NicoFalah: Chip Kelly left?!?! He was at my house 2 days ago.”

Some people believe, myself included, that Kelly’s departure will greatly effect the Ducks’ recruiting prowess.

“Chip Kelly was the reason that Oregon became a national power,” Rivals.com national recruiting analyst Mike Farrell said. “The facilities and attention with the uniforms are fringe benefits, but it is his offense that is scoring a ton of points and making every player want to go there.”

Some, like the recruit above were surprised, but others believed it was only a matter of time after Kelly interviewed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year.

“It isn’t really a surprise,” he said. “Even though he said he was coming back it was a matter of time for him to leave — be it this year or next — so this wasn’t really over for Oregon. The plan to keep things the same was what they were going to do anyways so now it is time to get to work. It hurts but it isn’t like they have a huge class to keep together anyways.”

One thing is for sure: the Ducks will look good in their uniforms next year, but they just might not win many games.