Derrick Green Would Be Great Fit on Michigan Wolverines


The Michigan Wolverines have a solid recruiting class already, but the crown jewel would definitely be RB Derrick Green out of Richmond, Virginia. The Wolverines will have a great chance at landing the stud running back, and they will find out if they were successful in recruiting him near the end of the month.

Green recently told the Detroit Free Press that Michigan is currently the leader, as far as his schools of preference are concerned.

“Yeah, they are still the leader [by a small margin]. Why? Because that school has not had any coaching changes, it is a top academic program, definitely a high chance to come out as a true freshman and playing, and I have a good relationship with the coaching staff.”

Green is the number-one ranked running back in the class according to Rivals, and would be an incredible addition for the Wolverines. He is also ranked 14th overall out of the entire class and would start right away in Ann Arbor. A workhorse ‘back like Green only comes around once in a while and you have to take advantage of it when he does.

Green recently announced when he would make his decision on twitter. “I have decided to make my college announcement on january 26 at 4:00pm #truly blessed!!”

So at least we won’t have to wait too much longer, but in the meantime, Michigan fans will wait with their breaths held to see if Green will join their team, or go over to the hated SEC. My money is on the Wolverines, but I’m not a betting man either, so take that for what it’s worth.

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