Andrew Wiggins: Strength Coach Says "Flexibility Is Everything"

By Dave Daniels
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Wiggins, the top rated player on the country’s best team, has had a good year, though, they are no longer the No. 1 team in the country anymore. His Huntington Prep strength coach Chris Lane opened up about the secret to the Express’ success.

“Flexibility is everything. The more flexible you are, the more range of motion you have and the less likely you are to be injured. If an athlete hasn’t worked on his flexibility, percentages go up dramatically as far as risk for injury — from a pulled hamstring, a popped calf, an Achilles rupture or a strained shoulder,” Lane said.

Hunting Prep is currently ranked No. 9 in the country; though they are no longer the No. 1 team in the country, they still have a shot to finish off the year as one of country’s best teams.

High school players are apparently even using foam rollers as part of their flexibility training.

(Sidenote: I use a SPRI foam roller every morning, and it’s beautiful having a relaxed back all day.)

“They use bands and foam rollers exclusively on a daily basis and maintain their flexibility by stretching before and after exercising, games and lifting. Players also have a small handheld roller (The Stick),” Lane said. “It looks kind of like a rolling pin.”

Andrew Wiggins has surely enjoyed the benefits of Lane’s stretching program, and Lane will try to help Wiggins finish off his final high school season with a bang.

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