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Gavin Shilling, Jabari Parker’s Plan B, Gets Offer From Tom Izzo’s MSU Spartans

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Plan B. It’s never fun. It’s never fun to be settle for Plan B, and it’s never fun when you are a person and you were plan B and not plan A. Did you follow all that? That’s okay, I’ll break it down. The Michigan State Spartans recruited superstar Jabari Parker for years and the school was always near the top of his list. Michigan State was reportedly one of Jabari Parker’s favorites and it was down to the Spartans and Duke Blue Devils, when the Spartans drew the short straw and ended up with nothing.

Michigan State has since offered Gavin Schilling a scholarship and hope the 6-foot-9 forward will become a member of its class of 2013. That was a roster spot that was assuredly being held for Parker and it is hard not to think of Schilling as option B.

“Maybe Gavin could be the ‘B’ plan, but I don’t feel that way,” said Lisa Hall-Schilling, Gavin’s mother.

The Spartans recruited Schilling while he attended the De La Salle Institute before he left to play his senior season at Findlay Prep in Nevada.

One of the reasons Schilling’s mother does not like to think of it as Plan B is because she was impressed by Tom Izzo’s views on family.

“He’s a person I feel is a down-to-earth kind of guy who speaks his mind and lets you know how he feels,” Hall-Schilling said. “We’re very much the same way. What he believes in is a very community- and family-oriented type of school. It’s positive to know that.”

Schilling could be plan B for Mike Izzo and the Spartans, but one thing is for sure: Schilling would be playing for a Grade A Coach in East Lansing.