Marietta Wheeler High School Basketball Boasts Two Five Star Underclassmen

By Dave Daniels

Marieta Wheeler High School sure has a wealth of young talent, and the frightening part is that they are all underclassmen. They destroyed their competition on Monday in Dayton 58-36 against Centreville.

Daniel Giddens, a 6-foot-10 defensive behemoth, is one of the best sophomores in the country. He is a five-star center (Class of 2015) along with teammates PF Elijah Staley (2014) and four star SF Jaylen Brown (2015). Giddens apparently doesn’t pay too much attention to the team rankings even if his mother does.

“My mom looks at the rankings sometimes, but it really doesn’t bother me. I know there are a lot of good big men in 2015, but it’s going to take care of itself,” Giddens told “Whether someone ranks me No. 1 or No. 20, I’m still going to get my looks.”

The schools that have offered Giddens a scholarship include Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Georgia Tech and North Carolina.

“Seeing schools like North Carolina, Duke and Kentucky recruit me just tells me that I’m getting one step closer to my dream,” the five-star sophomore said.

One thing is for sure; we are not going to see Giddens suit up in a cold weather city, so North Carolina might have some catching up to do since they are the farthest north of those interested.

“This is our first time in Ohio,” Giddens said. “We hate the cold. We’ve been here for one day, and I think my feet are already frostbitten.”

Have fun going to school in the warmer south Giddens, fortunately, you never have to worry about playing outside.

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