2014 Five-Star PG Emmanuel Mudiay's Favorite Player is Carmelo Anthony

By Dave Daniels

Emmanuel Mudiay is a five-star rated point guard out of Prime Prep in Dallas. He shows a strong ball handle and ability to attack the rim. He even puts back a couple really nice rebounds. The most revealing thing? He even has a nice mid range game to go along with his strong paint moves. When he gets under the basket as well, he shows patience and waits for his man to get out of position before striking. He can score the ball at will, but often focuses on getting his teammates more involved.


“I would describe my game as pass first point guard at times or whatever the coach needs me to do,” Mudiay said.

Mudiay may be a point guard, but he plays more like his favorite player.

“My favorite player I have to say is Carmelo Anthony, but as a point guard, Derrick Rose.” Mudiay said. “He’s a good leader out there, and he helps his team win, does whatever he needs to do.”

Mudiay is a unique point guard, because his unique speed makes him a virtual one-man fast break. He sees the floor very well and makes great decisions. He is currently uncommitted, but has some of the best programs in the country interested. His twitter even shows his passion for the game.

Expect to see Mudiay lighting it up in college, and don’t expect me to be surprised when it happens.

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