Andrew Wiggins Months From Recruiting Decision

By Dave Daniels

Huntington Prep‘s Andrew Wiggins has college basketball fans everywhere holding their breath. Blake Arena was packed last week for the showdown between the best player in the 2013, Wiggins, and Indiana Commit Noah Vonleh’s New Hampton Prep team. Wiggins recorded 19 points and 10 rebounds in the 55-47 victory.

Vonleh was out of rhythm from the start, and finished with only 9 points and 5 rebounds.

“He was looking forward to the matchup,” Huntington Prep coach Rob Fulford said. “He likes going against elite players. Sometimes, when there’s not a five-star guy across from him, he coasts a bit.”

The question on everyone’s mind though is where Wiggins will attend college next year; We could be months from that decision happening though.

“It’s his decision, but his parents have to sign off on where he’s going to go,” Fulford said. “They’re fine with everyone involved.”

Wiggins parents went to Florida State, so they are definitely in the mix, but North Carolina has a solid shot as well.

His coach said that when Wiggins makes his decision he will not make a hug he deal of it.

“I think he’s going to send a text message and that’s going to be it,” Fulford said. “And he might not even do that himself.”

I bet Roy Williams is hoping that the text gets sent to him and not John Calipari. We will see in a couple months, and then a year from now we will be watching Wiggins play collegiate basketball. The only thing left to determine is the uniform.

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