WR Jon Vea’ Johnson’s Favorite Is Purdue Boilermakers

US PRESSWIRE- Matthew Emmons

On Monday, Jon Vea’ Johnson was named MVP of the Core 6 Showcase, and impressed many with his preparation for the event.

Johnson is a 6-foot, 170-lb wide receiver from West Side High in Gary, Indiana and has gotten offers from many of the top schools in his region.

The early frontrunner? It’s got to be Purdue, because of the way Johnson talks about the school’s campus, and the fact that he visited the university twice this year.

Johnson is an excellent route runner and if he can continue to refine his technique, then he can be a contributor right away for the right school. Will it be for the Purdue Boilermakers? It sure seems like it, but we won’t know for sure until Johnson signs on the dotted line.

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