N.C. State Fans Paint Julius Randle Mural to Entice Him to the 'Pack

By Dave Daniels

The Julius Randle recruiting hype can now begin! The top ranked power forward in the 2013 class has started to take his recruiting visits, and has been keeping his fans posted on his travels. His broken foot is apparently well enough that he can travel without any issues popping up.

He first tweeted from the airport and the link below has a pretty adorable photo of Randle and his mother.

While typing my last Randle piece, I noticed a new tweet on his feed and was greeted with a pretty hilarious photo. (Apparently it is a bit cold in North Carolina today)

This is actually a pretty nice mural and kudos to the fans who painted it to try and entice Randle to join the ‘Pack. It will probably have to come down if Randle commits elsewhere, but if he joins the team then I propose whoever painted it should add to it over Randle’s years in North Carolina. (or year)

I have previously written that I believe Randle should join State, because of the point guard, Anthony “the Cat” Barber. The two stars would make a truly lethal pick and roll combination and they could both do special things next year.

In the meanwhile, we will all continue to enjoy Randle’s instagram and updates on his visit this weekend will be forthcoming.

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